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Recent Returns

Hi, everyone!

Been back to eat at a few places recently and I thought I would share my experiences.

Los Chorros

Los Chorros is still one of my favorite restaurants in Wheaton. My original review can be found here. This was only my second time eating in the restaurant. We went on a Friday night and it was pretty busy but there was no wait for a table. They brought out complimentary chips and salsa while we decided what to order. I decided on the Tacos al Carbon, which is three corn tortillas filled with steak and served with rice, beans, pico de gallo, and guacamole. Really good tacos, and a great portion for $11.95. I never leave this place hungry. My friends were very happy with their dishes as well. My buddy got the Especial Doña Reina, which came with steak, sausage, an egg, avocado, rice and beans. It was a huge portion and according to him, also delicious. My girlfriend got the Chef’s Taco’s, which is three corn tortillas filled with steak, chicken, and beef tongue. it comes with cilantro, pico de gallo, avocado, and rice and beans. I can personally testify that this dish is also delicious. For those who are hesitant about the tongue, give it a try. The meat is very tender and flavorful. This place remains one of my go to restaurants in Wheaton for the good food, good prices, and comfortable atmosphere. They also have great service.

Nava Thai

Nava Thai is still the most frequented restaurant by my family in Wheaton ever since Suporn closed. My original review of Nava Thai can be found here. I’ve been trying to order some different things. I usually go for the Duck Kaprow or Panang Curry, but I decided to try the Pineapple Curry with chicken. I liked this dish because of the sweet mixed with the savory. If the sauce is good enough to drink at the end, I’d say it’s a thumbs up. We also ordered the spring rolls which are consistently good here.

Silver Diner

Silver Diner is like a reliable friend that you don’t need to visit all the time to know that things are good. My original review was here. I ordered the chicken tenders (my food of choice as a kid) and a Tupper’s Hop Pocket Ale. The chicken tenders were pretty good but the beer was amazing. This beer is actually from Bethesda, MD. It’s an American Pale Ale with a 6% ABV. I can’t recommend this beer enough.


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Last Friday, I went back to my old stomping grounds at the University of Maryland to see Aziz Ansari. It was very weird to be back on campus, but the show was amazing. Afterwards, my friends and I were starving and were looking for something quick and delicious.

I suggested College Park Diner, located along Route 1.

I used to live within walking distance of this place. It always did the trick when my friends and I would get a craving for Diner food. Most people prefer Plato’s Diner, but people who have lived here know that you must avoid all places within walking distance of the campus. Being that College Park Diner is a few miles up Route 1, you don’t have to deal with annoying students and crowds.

College Park Diner serves up good food, and is also open 24 hours which is a major perk. It’s a small place with a friendly staff, and always brings in a nice mix of people.

While we were there, it was mix of students, a family celebrating a graduation, and some people who appeared to be getting off work from a late shift.

I ordered the S.O.S., which is military slang for Shit on a Shingle. The dish contains chipped beef and gravy over biscuits. This is a delicious, hearty meal. I love anything that comes with biscuits and gravy. The meal also comes with a side of hash browns. You can get S.O.S. at Golden Corral and Silver Diner, but not Cracker Barrel and IHOP.

My friends ordered a variety of breakfast food and also a Turkey club with fries. Everyone was happy with their meals. The service was a little slow, but they were pretty heavily understaffed.

College Park Diner serves good food with very reasonable prices. If you find yourself in the area, it’s worth stopping in.

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Odds and Ends

Just a few odds and ends today.

New Belgium Beer

I am still on a quest to try all of the offerings from New Belgium. So far, I’ve tried Fat Tire, Hoptober, and most recently, Trippel.

Trippel is a Belgian style ale brewed with coriander. It’s a very smooth tasting beer, especially when you take into account that the ABV is %7.8. This is another excellent beer from New Belgium.

I’m hoping that I can find Lips of Faith, their collaboration with Clutch.

It’s brewed with chocolate and black malts. Being that Clutch are from Germantown, MD (where I work), I’m hoping it will pop up at Beers and Cheers. If not, I may ask them if they can order some.

Silver Diner – Arlington, VA

I went to Silver Diner the other night in Arlington, VA. I noticed something that I had never seen before – bison steak! My dad buys a lot of bison meat from Gunpowder Falls in Baltimore and I really like it. Silver Diner gets their bison from Gunpowder Falls for their locations in Maryland, and from New Frontier Farms.

The bison steak was really good and tender. It was topped with a balsamic glaze and served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. I wasn’t that crazy about the vegetables that came with it, but the meat and mashed potatoes were excellent.

Cafe Citron – Washington, DC

Went to Cafe Citron with some friends for some after work drinks and dancing. I had been there once before and had a good time, so I suggested we try it out again. After reading reviews, I thought we could grab some food there as well. When we arrived, we knew right away that we wouldn’t be eating anything. People were standing on chairs wearing party hats and beating drums. The downstairs area was closed, so we made our way to the back of the bar where there was a little more room.

The crowd was nice mix of people of different races and different ages. The bartenders were nice and very attentive. The drinks weren’t too expensive compared to other places in D.C. The music was a good mix of club/latin/top 40. This is a fun place to check out during the week when you want a few beers and to dance. I really enjoyed beating the drums that they leave out.

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