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El Pollo Rico – Wheaton, MD

When I first started working in Wheaton, the first thing my co-workers told me is that I need to eat lunch at Pollo Rico. They made sure that I had my cash ready (at the time, it was still cash only) and that I knew exactly what I was going to order so that I would not be intimidated. They told me to order a quarter chicken with double fries and extra sauce. Everything went without a hitch and I was hooked.

Fast forward to a present day.

Pollo Rico has long since moved to its new spot on University Boulevard. I’ve been to the one in Arlington a few times recently, but never to the new location in Wheaton. My buddy and I decided to meet there for lunch.

The parking lot is located behind the restaurant. It’s the first time I’ve ever parked in that lot.

We entered and headed down the steps to the restaurant. There was a pretty good crowd for a weekday at lunch time. The restaurant is small, but it’s still bigger then the old location.

The menu is pretty much the same, although they now serve a wider range of sides then before. It used to be just fries, yuca, or cole slaw but now you can get beans and rice or salad among other things.

Not much can be said about Pollo Rico that hasn’t already been said. The chicken is delicious, the sauces are great, and the prices are low. I ordered the half chicken with rice and beans. I’m not shy and I quickly dismantled it with my hands.

I don’t eat Pollo Rico often, but when I am in the mood for Peruvian chicken it still reigns supreme. If you haven’t gone yet, you are making a big mistake.

There are tons of options for Peruvian chicken, but Pollo Rico is definitely the gold standard. Even though Crisp and Juicy delivers.

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