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This Sunday, come on out for the Taste of Wheaton MD at the corner of Grandview Avenue and Reedie Drive. I hope to see everyone there. If you see me, feel free to say hello!

The event’s information can be found here

I’m very excited for the food and wine/cocktail pairing.

This will take place from 12am – 4pm.

Hollywood East will be serving Salmon Run Gewürztraminer, Seven Sisters Bukettraube, Teliani Valley Saperavi, and Seven Sisters Pinotage/Shiraz.

Saigonese will be serving Château Bianca Pinot Gris and Salmon Run Coho Gamay/Merlot.

Moby Dick will be serving Sho Chiku Bai.

Marchone’s will be serving Limoncello Granita.

Los Cobanos will be serving Horchata.

The Limerick Pub will be serving Guinness Floats.

Download the event program here.


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Another week closer to Taste of Wheaton on May 20th.

The Wheaton, MD Facebook page just posted some great photos of the event from years past, courtesy of Debby Adler Photography.

They are having some great booths this year, such as:

Moby Dick Sushi – This is one of my favorite sushi places in the area. Amazing sushi and every visit there has been a pleasant experience. They will also be holding a sake tasting. My review of Moby Dick can be found here.
Hollywood East Cafe – A Wheaton staple for dim sum. I imagine they will have an excellent booth as the small plates are perfect for tastings. They will also have a wine tasting.
Los Cobanos – This is a place that I am yet to visit in Wheaton so I am excited to see what they will be offering. They are also hosting a wine tasting.
Saigonese Restauraunt – I am a big fan of their banh mi, curry chicken, and shredded tofu with vermicelli. They are also hosting a wine tasting
Marchones – My favorite place to get a sub in Wheaton. They have the best meatball sub. The people who work here are extremely friendly and that makes all the difference. Marchones will be hosting a cocktail tasting.

Hope to see you all there!

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Taste of Wheaton

Well, we are now into May and Taste of Wheaton is right around the corner on May 20th. They have not released the lists of participating restaurants yet, but I am very excited to go because it will be my first year. There are still tons of restaurants that I have not had the chance to try in Wheaton so I’m hoping that a few of them will participate.

I’ll keep everyone posted when the full list of participants is released and what I am looking forward to trying.

The basic information for the event can be found here.

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This Saturday, the Limerick Pub and the Royal Mile are teaming up for the Harp and Thistle Celtic Festival.

It looks like a great time, and my family is going to walk over and check it out.

According to the Facebook page, they will be serving roast pig, smoked corn beef, lobster rolls, and more. The beer garden will have Guinness, Harp, Smithwicks and Kilkenny.

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Last weekend, I made a trip out to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I hadn’t been since I was a little kid, but I knew it would still be a great time. We arrived at the festival and were directed to park in a field. They had horse drawn carriages bringing people from the parking lot to the festival.

The line for tickets was really long, but it moved pretty fast. Also, this is probably the best place on Earth for people watching.

Once inside, we spent the day going into shops, playing games, and drinking meade and beer out of giant mugs. I really enjoyed just walking around, so I didn’t watch much of the shows. We did stop and watch a juggler, who was very good. We also watched the jousting which was kind of a disappointment.

The games were great. Many of the games were giving out tokens for a free beer as a prize. We bought souvenir mugs which were fun to drink out of. I really liked throwing axes at stumps. I managed to get the axe to stick in the stump, so I won a necklace. I also won a souvenir mug by throwing a dart and hitting a specific target. We also threw ninja stars and knives, as well as walking through a maze.

They had great drinks including Sam Adams Oktoberfest and really good hard cider. We read on Yelp that the super-nerds all hung out at the Dragon Inn, so we had to go grab a table there and check it out. I liked the bee sting, which was half meade and half hard cider. Super-nerds were indeed spotted. Although I was wearing a wizard hat, so I guess it takes one to know one.

The food was really good. They had a lot of different options. It would take weeks to sample everything. I was a big fan of the vendors walking around selling pretzels and beef jerky. I also loved the steak on a stake, which was a good hunk of meat on a stick. They even had a raw bar with oysters and mussels. My friends liked the fish and chips, corn on the cob, and the pork pocket (sandwich with pulled pork). My sister was not crazy about the turkey leg because it was too salty.

Next time, I want to try the chocolate covered bacon and the cheesecake on a stick. I also wanted to get the macaroni and cheese on a stick.

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