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Yesterday, my family visited the Christkindlmarkt in Baltimore, MD at the Zion Church of the City of Baltimore.

I was born in Germany, and my family lived there for a few years so we were excited when we discovered this Christmas Market. I have been the last three years.

It took place on November 26th and the 27th. This year, we went around noon because things sell out early. The market opened at 10am on Saturday and 11am on Sunday.

As you enter the church, you’ll see tables with various arts and crafts for sale.

On the top floor, they sell all kinds of chocolates, gummies, roasted almonds, and stollen (a loaf-shaped cake). Sometimes they have live music.

On the lower level of the church, they have a bakery and also sell baking supplies. My sister bought a smoked salmon sandwich which looked delicious. I bought a potato pancake mix.

Outside the church, they serve bratwurst, pea soup, beer and gluehwein (mulled wine). The brats are delicious.

Overall, a fun place to spend some time, buy some presents, and enjoy some beer and brats.


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One of the best parts about working in Germantown is being in proximity to the Lancaster County Dutch Market.

It’s a collection of individual markets all under the same roof. You can go around to each market and buy what you need from the different vendors.

This place has quickly become a favorite of mine. I initially would stop in on my lunch break to get their BBQ chicken sandwich. The sandwich is so good and comes with fries, cole slaw, and a pickle. They also have excellent fried chicken and ribs.

Everytime I come here, I discover something new. As you walk in, you can see homemade pretzels being prepared. The pretzels are delicious. You can even get sausages wrapped with a pretzel.

To your left, you’ll see the bakery. They have tons of rolls, brownies, cookies, cakes and pies. My family is a huge fan of the pies, especially the blueberry pies. I also really like their dinner rolls.

As you continue walking, you’ll see dairy products such as ice cream, milk, and butter. There is also a great cheese vendor that has tons of free samples to try. This past weekend, I bought some gruyere which is really good. As you turn the corner, you’ll notice rice cakes, popcorn, and chips for sale from the same vendor. They also have furniture for sale in this corner of the market.

Around the corner is a restaurant inside the market. I’ve never eaten there so I can’t really speak about it. I hope to try it out in the near future.

In the other corner is the meat market. They have some amazing cuts of meat. They have lots of sausages, steaks, etc.

The next vendor you’ll see is the BBQ vendor which I spoke of earlier.

Across from the BBQ vendor, they have a vendor that sells all kinds of candy and snacks. I really like the trail mix as well as the chocolate covered pretzels.

If you continue around the market you’ll see they have an area for fresh produce. I really like their corn on the cob.

They also have an area for baking goods, sauces, spices, and salsas. My favorite is the pineapple salsa. You can also buy really good granola in this section.

I’m a huge fan of the place, and will continue shop here. They have great food, and the people who work here are very friendly. This place is worth the trip.

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