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I hope you guys have enjoyed reading my posts about Massachusetts. I have two more places that I wanted to mention: Back Door Donuts and Mad Martha’s Ice Cream.

While sitting outside Offshore Ale Company, we kept getting whiffs of apple cider donuts. We knew as soon as we left that we had to go get some donuts.

The smell was coming from Back Door Donuts.

This place is really popular. They sell donuts, HUGE apple fritters, bear claws, and other delicious pastries. The line gets really long. Even on a rainy Thursday, there was still a pretty substantial wait. Beer + donuts = happy friends and family. The smell alone will lead you here.

The other place I wanted to mention is Mad Martha’s Ice Cream. This is an ice cream place that has been around for years and years. We always make a stop here to get some ice cream. This last visit, I ordered the M&M Ice Cream which was vanilla ice cream with a ton of M&M’s mixed in. Great ice cream, and definitely worth a visit.


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You can not turn around in Cape Cod without running into a place serving ice cream. People there LOVE ice cream. Just about every restaurant advertises ice cream.

However, the place to go for ice cream is definitely Sundae School. Let me go ahead and warn you that this place is nuts. They had a cop and a few volunteers directing traffic in and out of the parking lot. The only thing that I have seen that is comparable is when the Chik-Fil-A opened in La Plata, Md. When you taste the ice cream, you will see why it is so busy.

It’s an old-timey ice cream shop, where everything is home made. There are TONS of different flavors.

I tried the Milky Way, which had big chunks of chocolate in it. My sister tried the Bass River Mudd (coffee ice cream, fudge stripe, roasted almonds and chocolate chips). I experienced the Bass River mud myself when I flipped off a kayak and into the water.

Beware of the crowds, but enjoy the ice cream!

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