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I have no problem with eating food from gas stations. If the food is good, I’ll eat it. In my review of Mangino’s, I posted about other places that are serving up good food from gas stations. That post can be found here.

Yesterday, I decided to try out Mediterranean Corner, located in a Sunoco Station on Frederick Road in Germantown.

When I pulled up, I saw pictures of different foods on the front of the store: Falafel! Shawarma! Meat pies! Sweet potato fries! Wings!

I stepped inside, and walked towards the food counter. They offer platters with a sandwich, a choice of humus, baba ganouj, or kibbe and a choice of a salad, tabuleh or fatoush, and a fountain drink.

I wasn’t all that hungry, so I opted for just the sandwich. I ordered the beef shawarma. She asked me which toppings I wanted and began rattling off a list such as lettuce, tomato, etc. I nodded my head, as I often do. Little did I know that this meant there would be ranch on the shawarma. It tasted totally out of place, and really overpowered the sandwich. The menu said that it came with tahini sauce. Besides the sauce, the sandwich was just okay. I thought the beef was a little chewy.

I’m not ready to totally give up on the place, but the beef shawarma was not my favorite. I’d be willing to try it again, and maybe get the falafel. They also had some interesting Lebanese snacks for sale such as portable containers of hummus and pita and various cheeses, grapes, etc.


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